Recommendations for Optimal Molecular Test Selection

In the complex and ever-changing field of genetic testing, it is important to ensure that the correct test is ordered for accurate diagnosis and medical management of patients. For complex tests such as exome sequencing, array CGH, cystic fibrosis sequencing, and others, inappropriate test selection can result in clinical inefficiencies and significant unnecessary financial costs. Our knowledgeable team of medical geneticists, genetic counselors, and scientists are a key resource when deciding which test(s) will be most appropriate and cost-effective.
Genetics Center has established some basic criteria to aid you in determining which tests will be most useful for you and your patients.
Complete clinical information and background for the patient is essential when choosing a genetic test. It enables our genetic specialists to confirm correct test selection and provide thorough result interpretation.
Below are some important considerations to be made prior to test selection:

  • Clinical indications for testing
    • Patient symptoms and relevant medical history
    • Results of previous testing for patient’s suspected diagnosis

  • Family history
    • Does a relative have similar conditions or diagnosis
    • Relationship of the affected individual to the patient
    • What mutation(s) does the relative have
    • Results of relevant tests performed on affected family members
    • Ethnicity

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding test selection and ordering. A member of our team of genetic specialists will be happy to assist you. Our office number is (714) 288-3500, and our patient liaisons are available on business days from 8am to 5pm PST.